10 Feb
How do I get my photos?

After a one hour session, I will usually have about 50-100 images. Some of them will look similar, some will be out of focus or blurry and some may be too light or too dark as I dial in the exposure. I will go through all the images and pick the very best ones. I take the images and process them to improve vibrance, sharpness, contrast, and color correction. This process takes a few days.

 If you live in Eastern Washington, I will come to your house when it is convenient for you to have a “reveal” session where we look through all your final photos. At that time, I can help you determine where you’ll want to display your photos and how big they should be. 

Whether you get a large framed canvas to display over the fireplace or a smaller grouping to display in a hallway, I can help you with the display design so you will get the best look for your particular room. The designs are customized to your décor. I will help you pick out frames to match your aesthetic and groupings to compliment your style.

When the canvases or metal prints are ready from the lab, they will be sent to me and I will check them over to make sure they are perfect then bring them to your home and hang them for you. When you order an album, I will check every page before I deliver it to your home in person. This is all just part of my full service promise to each and every customer.

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