08 Feb
Where are your prices?

You are probably looking for a price list so you can compare me to other photographers. The reason I don’t post prices is because I don’t want you to think I am the same or even similar to other photographers, even those who specialize in equine photography. 

All photographers offer a product whether it is a physical print or canvas or whether it is a digital download for you to print yourself or display on social media. 

When you hire a photographer you are also purchasing a service. Most photographers’ service is “time and talent” and that is worth a lot. But, my service also includes a personalized custom experience that is tailored just to you. No two customers are alike and no two customer experiences are alike. 

My services include a consultation with you and your horse which may last several hours in order for your horse to get comfortable around me and the camera. Some horses are shy or skittish around strangers and strange things so I take the time to let the horse get to know me, my equipment and the process in which I work. 

My consultation also includes advice about what you should wear if you are in the photos. I also help you with selection of the best images and if you are purchasing an album, I will help guide you to the best images and do all the layout for you. 

When your wall art pieces are ready, I will personally deliver them to your house and hang them on your wall. If you ordered an album, we will sit down together and go through it to make sure it’s perfect. If it isn’t, I will make it right.

My photography is a passion but it’s also a business. It is how I make a living. So, unfortunately, I have to add in costs to my prices like equipment, processing, travel, and assistants if I have one. If I didn’t charge for those things, I would quickly go out of business and photography would be just a hobby. 

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