21 Mar
How to put on a Photo Halter

Your photo halter is about 10 feet long and finished at both ends so it doesn't unravel. When you receive it, It will come with a small loop at one end; don’t untie this loop.

To put on the photo halter, first pinch a piece of the cording about 12-18 inches from the loop.

Then thread the part that you pinched through the loop at the end.

Put the first loop around the horse's head and the second loop around the horse’s muzzle. Turn the halter so the small loop is under the horse’s head and not visible.

You can also put the cord around the horse’s head before putting it through the loop. This method can be used if your horse has a regular halter on and you want to put on the photo halter before taking off the regular halter.  Just thread the cord under the regular halter. Then take off the regular halter.
If your horse spooks or wants to run away, just let go of the lead. Do not wrap the lead around your hand or any other body part.

When you use this photo halter, you do so at your own risk. Obviously, I cannot control every situation so I can not be responsible if something happens while using the photo halter. By using this photo halter from me, you agree to hold harmless Frankie Benka, Frankie Benka Photography and Equine Visuals Production Company and any of their affiliates.

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