Video of your horse is a lasting memory.

You will discover how important it is to have a video of your horse at a show or event after you get home.
You realize that memories fade all too fast.
Maybe you want to relive that happy day or analyze the mistakes you made to help improve your riding skills.

I would love to fulfill your need for a professional video to show your horses at their best. Statistics show that ads with videos sell for 30% more and 50% faster. A lot of buyers come from out of town and they want to see the horse in action before they commit to travel hundreds of miles. You could take a video on your phone but you are not a professional and if your video is blurry, shaky, or low quality, it could actually hurt your sale. Your investment in a video will pay for itself in returned revenue. If you’re selling a stud service, a video is really a necessity. My videos include your choice of any of the following:

  • Walk behind
  • Walk under
  • Lifting legs
  • Mounting
  • Riding saddled
  • Riding bareback
  • Riding no-hands
  • Walking
  • Trotting
  • Cantering
  • Galloping
  • Backing up
  • Pulling weight or cart/wagon
  • Obstacles - over and around
  • Water crossing
  • Lariat swing from horse
  • Flowing dresses or fabric
  • Cutting
  • Barrel racing
  • Sorting
  • Penning
  • Roping
  • Traffic/vehicles in proximity
  • Children - on and around
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • In/out of a trailer

Videos are a minimum of 5 minutes and average about 10 minutes. I have found that ten minutes is plenty of time to show off your horse's best qualities without the viewer getting bored but your video can be any length you choose. For every minute of finished video, I usually spend about one hour of actual videoing time and one hour of editing time. So, a 5 minute video includes 5 hours of videoing and 5 hours of editing; 10 hours total working time. I shoot in 4k at 120 frames per second for silky smooth slow motion. Editing and posting to Youtube is included. I will then send you the link and you can post it on your website, on EquineNow, Facebook, Instagram, or any other site. The video will include your horse's name and any other details you wish to include and be set to music. It can also contain your contact info if needed. The investment you make is based on the value to you. How much will your sales improve with a video? How much would you pay to have a video of a lost heart horse companion? After your horse is sold, you will still have this video to treasure forever.
Who needs a video? 
  • If you have a horse, you need a video.
  • If you are selling your horse, you need a video to show your horse in motion.
  • If your horse is available for stud, your customers want to see your horse's conformation.
  • If you show your horse, Western or English, you need a video to examine your presentation.
  • If you are a competitor, whether rodeo or hunter/jumper, you need a video to analyze your performance.
  • If you rent horses, your customers want to see your horses in action before they ride. 
  • And, sadly, our horses don't live forever. You will be happy you have a video of your heart horse that will last forever. =)

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Photography & Videography
Allow me to be your personal videographer for your next show. I cover all areas: before, during, and after the show. I shoot in 4k or 8l at up yo 120 frames per second for super slow motion.

Black Background Photos
Session fee includes a print credit so you can get all the wall art you need for your home, office or gift giving. All prints come with a digital download that you can post to social media or a personal website.

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  • Spokane, Washington, United States

Your session will include a print credit for you to apply towards any products you choose to purchase. Physical products, digital images or videos are not included in the session fee.. 
For prints, canvases, or albums the 60 minute session fee is $650 with a $400 print credit.

The video fees depend on the minutes of finished video. You decide up front how long the video should be and I will edit to that length. Clips will be 5-10 seconds. A 5 minute video will have approximately 30-40 clips.  Some clips will be longer than others. 
Yes, we do make professional videos. Video is the best way to market your horse. Whether it’s for sale, lease, stud or show, the best way to show off your horse’s assets is with a full service video
Within one to two weeks.
Yes, I travel throughout Washington State and occasionally to other countries. Travel cost is included for sessions booked in/around Eastern Washington. Travel costs for other areas are determined based on distance from Spokane.
About Me imageAbout Me image
What is one thing you would do whether you got paid or not just because you love it so much? That is the definition of passion. For me, the answer is photography. I have been around the world photographing landscapes and have spent countless hours in the studio photographing people but the one subject I enjoy the most is horses. I could photograph everything but I want to focus on one thing and do it really well.

I grew up on a horse ranch in Spokane. My dad boarded and trained horses and built horse trailers. My dad bought me my first horse when I was 11 years old. He helped me enter shows and taught me how to barrel race. 

I got my first camera at 12 years old and have been photographing ever since. After getting a degree from Spokane Falls Community College in the photography program, I decided to combine my two passions and focus strictly on equine photography.

I think horses are magical. I feel like all horses are unicorns, they just lost their horns.

I am an internationally published photographer. I have traveled around the world photographing some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have 30 years professional experience. 
Refunds & Exchanges
100% of money deposited for a session fee will be refunded to the client if the session time can be rebooked by another client. If the session time cannot be rebooked, all fees are non-refundable. Product orders can be changed up until the time they are placed with the Lab. Once an order is placed with the Lab, it cannot be stopped and we are therefore unable to refund the purchase price. If the product is defective, it will be replaced with a similar item at the same or lesser value. If the value of the replacement product is more than the original, the client will pay the difference. Defective means damaged by the Lab or in shipping. If the lab does not allow substitutions, the replacement product will be exactly the same as the original.
Changing an order
All orders can be changed up until the time they are placed with the Lab. Please be sure you have made your final decisions before we send the files to the Lab.
Image Reveal
I only do “In Person” image reveals. There are no online galleries to view and choose from. When we meet for the image reveal, we will view them on a large screen TV so that you can see every little detail of every image. At that time, you will choose your favorites and the images you want to make into wall art.
Copying and Usage
You have the option to purchase digital files that you can use for sharing online or in email. Copying of any kind is prohibited. That includes taking a photo of your wall art and sharing it online. Your use of the purchased images is limited to social media and email. I retain all copyrights to all images and my watermark will be on all digital images. You are not allowed to cut off the watermark.
Late delivery of product or service
Products from the Lab usually take one to two weeks to be delivered to the client after the order is placed with the lab. If changes are made to the images after the reveal, it may take one to two days before the images are sent to the Lab. Sometimes things are beyond our control. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you immediately. If the product is time sensitive such as a gift, we will provide you with a certificate that you can present to the receiver. We will also give you a $50 credit towards your next photo session or another product. Credit cannot be redeemed for cash. If you are late to a session or are not ready at the designated time, we can reschedule but no refund will be given for that session. If Frankie Benka Photography is unable to perform the session for any reason, we will reschedule.
Reshoots will only be performed if Frankie Benka Photography has technical problems with the session wherein the camera or other equipment malfunctioned and the images were not usable. In that case there would be no additional charges to the client.
Cancellations of jobs where deposit has been made
Cancellations are allowed and refunds of deposit will be given only if the session date can be rebooked. 
Payment Plans 
All payment is due in full at the time of ordering.
Estimates that are over or under the actual bill
If an estimate is over the actual cost of the final product and services, a refund will be given for the overage amount. If the estimate is less than the actual cost, the client will pay the difference before the products are delivered. 

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