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Exclusive Event Photography Personalized just for You.
Get high quality professional photos of all your classes; you or your horse in every class you show. No deposit required. Just send me your details.  Guaranteed coverage of your event. No deposit required. All photos will be posted in a gallery of the event. Or, fill out the handy dandy form on the internet and all your info will be sent directly to me safe and secure. I will be at your event taking photos of all the horses and riders and posting them in a personalized gallery. Photos will be posted in order of class. Classes will be grouped together if there are only a few entrants in a class. If you want extra photos of yourself and your horse or someone else, just let me know. Your grandma would love to have a photo of you riding in your best class. You absolutely must have a photo of yourself to display next to your ribbons. Photos also make great gifts for family and friends.

Send me your name, email, horse breed and color, venue, arena (be specific so I can find you), date and time and number if known. If you don’t know your number please send it to me when you find out even if it is the day of the show. It will make it so much easier for me to find you. Send info to foto@frankiebenka.com or use the form on this site. 

I usually take 3-4 photos of each rider but if you sign up ahead of time, you will get 15-20 photos or more depending on the class. It’s never too late to sign up. 

Send me an email with your details at foto@frankiebenka.com or fill out this form  https://forms.gle/4E7AmmFL8srWNjb47 

Photos will be available on frankiebenka.com

Check my schedule below to see if I will be at your show. Then just flag me down and let me know you want extra photos of you or your horse or someone else. 

Non-Event Photography
I would love to photograph you and your horse (or just your horse by him/herself) for your home art needs or a custom photo-painting. Session fee includes a print credit so you can get all the wall art you need for your home, office or gift giving. Or get some photos of your horse for sale. 

Allow me to be your personal videographer for your next show. Just let me know what show you will be at and I will make arrangements to be there and record all your runs. I will then edit them all together and set them to music. I offer one hour sessions (minimum), half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).

Here's my tentative schedule for 2023. Let me know where you will be for your next show and I will be there.


September 7
September 8
September 9
Spokane County Fair at the Fairgrounds
September 10
Spokane County Fair at the Fairgrounds

September 28
Spokane Sport Horse Trials
at Spokane Sport Horse Farm
September 30
Spokane Sport Horse Trials
at Spokane Sport Horse Farm
September 30
60th Annual Late Late Dual Show at the Fairgrounds
October 1
60th Annual Late Late Dual Show at the Fairgrounds


*SSHF = Spokane Sport Horse Farm, 10710 S Sherman Rd, Spokane, WA 99224 

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